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The story of Jonah showcases my favorite kind of storytelling. It cuts to the core of the human experience while delivering a compelling, conflict-filled narrative that still resonates with modern-day audiences. In this study guide, I break down the story of Jonah to determine how it works, what it's intending to say to audiences, and how it can inform modern storytellers.

How the Story of Jonah Works - Study Guide


I recently began working on a new novel inspired by the story of Jonah from the Bible. As I began to dig deeper, I was stunned by how the storyteller crafted the narrative. The story of Jonah is as relevant to modern audiences as it was to those who first engaged with it. Which means storytellers and audiences should dig deeper into this story to understand the core truths it shares about the human experience.

Why a Study Guide?
This short book is full of questions to prompt readers to dig deeper into the story of Jonah, either in a self-study or as a part of a writing group or small group. At the end of this guide, I've re-printed my original article as well, which can be referred to at any time.

Who Should Buy This Study Guide?
My study guide benefits two groups of people:

Storytellers who want to learn to tell more engaging, meaningful storiesAnyone who want to learn more about the story of Jonah and the powerful message it has for audiences
NOTE: You don't need to be a writer or a storyteller to buy this study guide, but it does contain insights that will encourage storytellers.

Benefits of Buying the Study Guide:
My intent with this story guide is to provide as much personal benefit to readers as possible, including:
Understanding and interpreting the story of Jonah at a deeper level (to fully comprehend the gravity of this story and why it's included in the Bible)Examining the story of Jonah's relevance for modern-day audiences (in order to discuss the immense wisdom of this story with others)Gaining insight into the techniques used by the storyteller (in order to incorporate those techniques into your own writing)Being able to break down the story of Jonah and its importance to modern audiences (so you can share this amazing story with friends and family)
Additional Resources
When you purchase the study guide, you also gain access to:
My video where I answer all the study guide questions (so you can compare notes and let me know what I missed!)Space to take notes and reflect or make observations for future use in your own storiesAdditional breakdowns of the structure of Jonah (that do not appear in my original article or YouTube video)My original article breaking down the story of Jonah is also included

NOTE: Can't afford my study guide? Reach out to me directly! I don't want you to miss out on this resource if cost is an issue.


Check out my article and video titled How the Story of Jonah Works - A Writer Explains Jonah:

How the Story of Jonah Works - A Writer Explains the Story of Jonah


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